some of the alphabet i found strewn on the seashore today

a is for the ampersand

i found in the

..the sand,

z is for zoom,

which is what i do here:

i is for isabel,

with the wind in her ear,

f is for the finery of the ocean's handwriting,

y is for yogurt with the cream at the top,

v is for the vacation

i had this time last month,

j is the jubilarian i aspire to be,

and q

is for my quadruped:

though i mentioned her already.


Kiki said...

Yes, but that is a quadruped who deserves more than one mention. She is gorgeous.

Your site is so delicious, I want to eat it with a spoon.


Anonymous said...

the sea gave up a real treasure trove out there. glad you had the vision for it. lovely, lovely.

Julie said...

kiki.. thank you.

bringer.. you are lovely.

sean said...

WOW! That quadruped has some nice tail!

She’s a cutedruped.