oh my

su blackwell's glorious bookcuts gave me an idea for a poem:

what mad hats books make

sheer and precipitous
when steeped in tea.

when sweet tempered turnstiles
pour us out of the subway
our admirers will double

our admirers will be only too delighted

our hats will be so mad.

so lie flat, mouse dear
and have some wine

we will read more about now later
when its newness has worn off
and we can shape it the more to our liking.

thanks to bb's blog for the wonderful link.


Kiki said...

OH, oh, I want to do that. Let's see...I have artistic talent, an Exacto knife. Now all I need is a book I don't mind cutting.


some kind of monkey said...

I like the mixture of 2d and 3d in the book
and I love the negative space of alice cut out of the words.
such a nice mix of words and shapes and drawing.

I don't know if I have met any sweet tempered turnstiles but am enchanted with your description of them pouring us out of the subway.