lots and lots

for lovers of aggregates like me, this collective noun site is a worthwhile excursion.
as far as my favorites go, they are:

an addition of mathematicians
a fascination of onlookers
a fidget of suspects
a hiss of lisps
an immersion of baptists
an ostentation of peacocks
a pack of suitcases
a scandal of shoes
a squint of proofreaders
a tilt of windmills

thanks to verbatim for the link.

another treasure trove i found through this site is librarian marylaine block's review of interesting things on the web. here i found harper's magazine's site, featuring all manner of quirky and stranger than fiction facts that harper's has collected over the years. my favorite category thus far is folly, where there are tales to be told such as:

A Georgia woman was arrested for trying to pass a fake $1 million bill at a Wal-Mart.


A Liverpool, England, man was sentenced to 100 hours of community service for getting drunk and singing "YMCA" on a flight from Florida to Manchester while his wife wept and comforted their three children. "He makes no excuses," said the man's lawyer, "for his loutish, idiotic behavior."

i'm so delighted, i can hardly tear myself away from the computer.


sean said...

It makes me want to create a picture book of aggregates
with a little story for each one.
A squint of proofreaders, a fidget of suspects, a murder of crows. I wish there were more hours in an hour and more days in a day.

chris said...

These links are great, especially the noun aggregates, which will certainly come in handy. Thanks!