Anonymous said...

Curious George (a beloved patron saint of monkey mayhem)
He flips the pages and wears the yellow hat and remembers
the spark that began the flame
It was curiosity and love of the unknown (it was white eyes that glowed in the darkness)
The room was blank and the lawyer had questions
that denied the room’s emptiness
It was perhaps truthful to lie
He was perplexed by the lines on the lawyer’s suit
where they began and where they ended.

The spark began the flame and
the leap began the fall
The chandelier spun and reflected his glee as they flew together
out the 27th floor window
the sky was startled
the city watched its own reflection distorted
and became still and quiet(the first miracle)
the chandelier was perhaps celestial
and the monkey was perhaps anointed a saint
and flew among the glass stars.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen A Humument (a "treated Victorian novel")?

Sorry I don't know how to make a link.