the beauty of bad translation

this is a photo from rinko nikki's blog, which is all in japanese. i loved her photos so much, i really wanted to know what she was writing. so i put it through the google translation engine to get some kind of idea. this is what google came up with for the watermelon slice post:

"7/27 (wood)
It is [toumatsuchidoranku].
Wearing the muu muu, the [ri] which sleeps it causes.
Making the soup gruel which inserted the garlic and the ginger fully, you eat.
While scratching the sweat, while saying that don't you think? it is tasty.
Being required comment, you closed and the drill lastly somehow the Korean movie “charming girl” which was seen very was favorite the movie.
If by his takes the movie, you thought that perhaps, it is the movie of such feeling.

From tomorrow the Aomori travelling.
While preparing, it will be exciting.
This exciting impression the important shelf.
When you become the adult, it decreases, this exciting." 

on the contrary.

on another day she writes this:

...the kindred who meets after a long time, it becomes drunk from the feeling good quality which you speak lazily with the atmosphere...

i believe so much in the beauty of bad translation. it may not make complete syntactical sense, but the tone carries through just fine. it still captures the feeling of anticipation after a long absence, and its sense gaps make its meaning more elastic; and as a result, it can fit around so many more shapes.

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