"among our articles of lazy hardware we recommend a faucet which stops dripping when no one is listening to it." --marcel duchamp

my new site meter is having an interesting effect on me. it's making me think of this space more in terms of a structure; an entity of rooms. when someone comes in the front "door," a shutter trips. this is the vestige of a visit, the only trace of the presence of one who otherwise leaves nothing behind. only a few leave comments. but i know from my own experience that not commenting on posts i've visited doesn't mean i don't find much to comment on. often i find myself still swilling around bits of phrases and ideas days after i've read them. but then it often seems too late to comment. it is the nature of the blog to be always rolling forward.

but who is looking at my blog? who reads my thoughts? this unknowing has the flavor of how an afterlife must feel. that is, if there were site meters in the afterlife.[this is a hypothetical afterlife i speak of.]

i think the blogosphere is akin to the winchester mystery house, with links as doorways into adjoining spaces going on forever. elaborate stairways leading to nothing; spacious rooms no one ever enters. what i love especially is that the furniture is as light as air.


Anonymous said...

lovely and true, true, true.

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